Nature's Way Trinovin 2000 Plus 60 Capsules

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Many men experience urinary symptoms as they age, often linked to prostate health, including frequency, urgency, and strength of stream. Maintaining a healthy prostate is very important for men, particularly in older and elderly men from their 40’s onwards.

Nature’s Way Trinovin 2000 Plus is specially formulated to support healthy prostate and bladder function, and support urinary tract health. This formulation combines Red Clover plus Saw Palmetto, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support prostate and bladder health, Selenium and Zinc, key antioxidants important for men’s health, and Vitamin D to support urinary tract health and
immune system function.

Nature’s Way Trinovin 2000 Plus supports:
• prostate health and function
• bladder health and function
• urinary tract function
• immune system health

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