Skin Doctors Collagen Renew DuoPearl Serum 20mL

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Powered by the latest Microfluidics Pearl Technology, Skin Doctors CollagenRenew offers a breakthrough needle-free collagen plumping serum for firm, fit, and youthful looking skin. Suspended in a nourishing hyaluronic gel are Liftonin-Xpert™ concentrated Pearls.

Clinically proven Liftonin-Xpert™ is a collagen filler and booster so powerful it helps strengthen the architectural structure of the epidermis. Collagen and elastic fibres are responsible for the skin’s smooth and youthful texture. Our collagen-boosting Pearls work in perfect synergy with the Probiotic Pearl to help balance the skin.

Clinically proven, skin collagen density doubles, the face lifts and smooths to visibly regain new firmness, structure and elasticity including:
• the appearance of wrinkles improves by 138%
• skin texture improves by 137%