Shiraz 2015 – Black Market Deal #35250

$204.00 $456.00

Vinomofo Pty Ltd

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Mofo buyer, Ben Goodman, received an interesting little tidbit from the winemaker about that peppery flavour in shiraz. Apparently, scientists have discovered a chemical compound in shiraz that is also physically present in black pepper. The quantity varies from vintage to vintage, which is why some wines are more spicy than others. This one’s definitely got some of that going on, but is perhaps more luscious and fruit driven than previous vintages. Its relative age means that time has integrated both the fruit and peppery characteristics with other savoury, herbaceous notes to make a wondrously complex cool climate number. It’s got a bit of a Hawke’s Bay syrah vibe going on, though in a lithe, elegant medium body package. There’s blueberries and blackcurrants, laden with Provence herbs, bay leaf, a flash of licorice and lashings of spice.

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