Redwin Vitamin E & C Body Lotion 400ml

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Pharmacare Laboratories

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A brightening hydrating combination of Vitamin C, E and Evening Primrose Oil will boost your skin complexion and revive dull looking skin tones. Its collagen boosting action will awaken your skin and clarify the complexion for a natural, youthful all day glow. Specially formulated for sensitive skin.
- Vitamin C to protect the skin from free radicals (UV light) and stimulate collagen synthesis
- Vitamin E to nourish dry, irritated skin
- Evening Primrose Oil to assist in preventing the visible irritations associated with dry or sensitive skin
- Rich in nutrients and antioxidants for visibly improved skin
- Enhances the skins flexibility, softness and smoothness
Suitable for sensitive skin. A fast absorbing daily moisturiser to leave skin soft, hydrated and revitalised.

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