Nature's Way Keto Diet Shake Chocolate 300g

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Nature’s Way Keto Diet Shakes are a delicious way to support your ketogenic diet, helping you burn fat in ketosis and achieve your healthy weight loss goals. Formulated to be low-carb with 15g of high-quality plant protein and MCTs - good fats derived from coconuts that are valued on the ketogenic diet, it makes following the ketogenic diet/lifestyle easy.

Nature's Way Keto Diet Shakes are the ideal protein solution for the keto dieter, busy executive, student or anyone who exercises and is looking to help push their performance limits or achieve a weight loss goal.

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat and moderate-protein diet that alters the body’s metabolism to use fat as the preferred fuel, rather than sugars. When your body enters into the fat-burning zone it creates ketones for energy, leading to weight loss and the following benefits:
• Fat Burning • Metabolism Support
• Sustained Energy • Muscle Recovery
• Improved Cognitive Function and Focus

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