Nature's Way Joint Restore Powder 150g

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Many people will develop mild osteoarthritis symptoms as they age, including mild pain and stiffness, that can hold you back from doing
the things you love. Glucosamine: is one of the building blocks of joint cartilage, allowing bones to move smoothly against each other. Glucosamine supplements help to relieve symptoms of mild osteoarthritis and help improve joint mobility and flexibility.

Collagen: Collagen acts as the cushioning between our bones and is the main protein found in joint cartilage tissue. Collagen helps to
support joint cartilage growth and connective tissue formation. Hydrolysed collagen peptides help relieve mild joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and helps support connective tissue, tendon, and ligament health.

Chondroitin: Chondroitin is an important and major component of joint cartilage, acting as a shock absorber between bones. Chondroitin sulfate helps reduce mild joint inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

MSM: MSM helps reduce mild joint pain and swelling associated with mild osteoarthritis.

Borax & Manganese: Supports bone strength and bone health.