Lou Miranda Estate Single Vineyard Shiraz 2016

$210.00 $600.00

Vinomofo Pty Ltd

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The Barossa shiraz we’ve all been waiting for - the newest vintage of Lou Miranda’s single vineyard shiraz is back and isn’t here to mess around! Handcrafted from vines planted on stoney, clay & premium soil, this Barossa Valley dream boat is laid out with the soil restricting the growth, channeling the grapes to be highly concentrated as they ripen. An old school shiraz, this wine has been matured in American oak barrels for FOUR YEARS, allowing for them juicy juicy tannins to fully develop and soften. Intense, bold and not afraid to stand out, this mofo fave has massive fruit mixed with massive oak. With flavours of deep plum, dark fruits and a creamy vanilla kick on top, pair this baby with strongly flavoured foods such as heavy meats or an Indian red curry. YES! 

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