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Shopping just got more JOYFUL! These gorgeously bright Joy In The Everyday Shopper Bags are SUPER durable. Each bag will hold up to 25kg, and has an enormous (and seemingly endless) amount of room inside...  with an inner pocket for safe-keeping of valuables or other items you need to quickly grab. Finished with a large, shoulder handle, the shopper bags are soft and comfortable on the skin.

The super soft fabric is made from recycled PET bottles and non-toxic dyes - entirely free from any harmful or toxic substances.

Fold your bag down after use for easy storage and secure with the clasp - or scrunch it into the inner pocket.


Width: 46cm
Height: 62cm
Handle: 25cm from top of the handle to body of shopper bag
Weight: 46g

Can hold up to 25 kg.

Each shopper bag is your little slice of joy in the everyday. 
YOROKOBI = Japanese word for joy
CHARA = Greek word for joy
ALEGRIA = Portugese word for joy
KOA = Maori word for joy