Instant Natural Protein Vegan Meal Chocolate 400g

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Nature’s Way Instant Natural High Protein Vegan Meal is a formulated meal replacement shake for those times when you prefer a quick and convenient meal alternative. By simply mixing with 250mL of Almond Milk - you can enjoy all the benefits of a satisfying nutritionally-based high protein meal with the goodness of 26g pure plant protein, 1 billion probiotics plus prebiotic as well as key vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. It’s the ideal quick, delicious and convenient option - supercharged with goodness for your busy healthy active lifestyle! 100% Plant-Based ProteinNature's Way Instant Natural High Protein Vegan Meal is ideal for adults and older children looking for a healthy meal replacement. It's also great for those who are vegan, those looking for a non-dairy alternative or who are lactose intolerant.