Chill Cooling Towel - Super, Reusable & Instant!

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Introducing our Chill cooling towels!

Exciting technology to keep you cool on sticky and humid days!

When wet, the fabric cools up to 15 degrees below outdoor ambient temperature, with the help of evaporation.  As long as the towel has moisture and airflow present, the cooling benefit will remain active. Easy to reactivate simply by re-wetting, wringing out and snapping.

Great for outdoor activities and warm environments. Made from durable, environmentally friendly cloth.

Machine Washable. Chemical Free. SPF 50.

How does it work?

Moisture and air activates the towel by generating air flow through the fabric to activate the cooling properties.  Wear around the head or the head to stay cooler for longer.

Three Step Activation:

1. Wet towel.

2. Wring out excess water.

3. Grab ends and snap.

Available in Black, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Cherry Red & Lime Green.

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