Adult Vita Gummies Calcium + Vitamin D 99% sugar free

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Nature's Way Adult Vita Gummies Calcium + Vitamin D is a high strength combination formula designed to provide a convenient solution to help meet daily calcium and Vitamin D requirements. Just 3 gummies will provide 60% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) of calcium for adults* and 1000IU of Vitamin D. Calcium cannot be produced by the body but is an essential nutrient required throughout life to optimise bone density and strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. Whilst calcium requirements can increase, particularly during adolescence or post-menopause, dietary calcium deficiencies can affect anyone. If dietary intake is insufficient, supplementation is recommended.

Calcium to support:
- Bone health & density
- Healthy strong teeth

Vitamin D3 to support:
- Absorption of calcium
- Immune health to fight illness
- Muscle function & strength

*Adults 19-50 years old.