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We all know how hot Chardonnay is right now. From the modern and zippy to the all-out nostalgic butterball, chardy can do it all. But no matter what style you prefer, good chardonnay always has that air of something special about it. We’ve got a range of regions, styles and ages covered. Happy exploring!

Each case contains TWO bottles of each:


We love Yarra chardonnay and this wine from Carlei shows off the best of the region. It was handpicked from two top-quality sites and crafted with maximum care. The wine is perfectly balanced - it saw only 10% new oak and partial malolactic fermentation - so there are bright notes and a few richer highlights too. A touch of lees stirring has resulted in a beautifully textured wine, full of nectarine, grapefruit and almond meal.

Small Valley is a side project of Kaesler Wines, who work across a few regions and here showcases a region and variety that go hand-in-hand: Adelaide Hills and chardonnay. This is an impressive example of Hills chardy - it’s friendly and laid back, but still exciting and full of life. Abound with citrus and pear fruits on the nose and a fine, textured palate - it’s an easygoing wine that’s perfect for any occasion and so many cuisines.
We've been stocking the pinot noir from Maison Du Grand Pré for a few years now. Finally we got our hands on their chardy as well. Took long enough! It's a clean and fresh style of the variety with loads of melon and minerality, all accompanied by a gentle acidity to make for easy drinking. We suppose the French know a thing or two about making a tasty wine.

Silkwood's vineyard is patrolled by a guinea fowl, keeping insects under control and reducing the need for chemicals. I can just imagine them, their sense of duty juxtaposed by their skittish nature. They’d catch a glimpse of you or hear a rustle, and out came a squirt, a ‘cack-cack-cack!’ warning to the rest of the flock, and they were off in scattered directions like racehorses on cocaine. Hilarious little creatures. Meanwhile, this wine’s far from wild. It’s calm and collected, a lovely expression from a lovely vineyard. Judicious French oak spice supports some juicy citrus and stonefruit flavours, green apple and melon playing second fiddle too.


If you are impressed by data, then check this out. Tasmania crushes only 0.8% of the entire Australian grape harvest. Coal River Valley, the source of this chardonnay, is 25% of the Tasmanian grape harvest. And chardonnay is 25% of the total Tasmanian harvest. So you are looking at a chardy from Riversdale Estate that is part of 0.05% of the total wine production of Australia. That’s insane. Now, to the wine itself. It’s a bit toasty and creamy, with evident minerality and citrus running through. For Tassie chardy, it’s pretty full-bodied and you can definitely pick up the oak on the palate.


Swings & Roundabouts is about as safe of a bet as there is in Margaret River. They consistently produce excellent chardonnay that toes the line between ripe fruit and vivid acidity. This one leans towards peach and nectarine with hints of cashew, nutmeg and cinnamon. The palate is somewhat creamy and you can pick up a touch of vanillin from the oak. It's luscious and elegant with a nice, crisp acid-driven finish.

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