FatBlaster Max 60 Tablets


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FatBlaster Max can help support your healthy active lifestyle through 4 key actions:

Action 1: Improve Exercise Performance
FatBlaster Max helps improve your exercise performance, so you can achieve your workout goals faster. FatBlaster Max has been formulated with B Vitamins to help promote exercise performance when dietary intake is inadequate in active individuals.
Action 2: Support Metabolic Rate
FatBlaster Max contains Iodine to help support your metabolic rate and healthy thyroid gland function.
Action 3: Support Thermogenesis
Iodine contained in FatBlaster Max helps support thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a metabolic process during which your body burns energy to produce heat.
Action 4: Assist in Metabolism of Fats & Carbs
FatBlaster Max has been formulated with Chromium and B Vitamins to help metabolise fats and carbs in the body. FatBlaster Max also helps the metabolism of sugar and glucose.