Naturopathica Collagenix Joints 5,000mg 15 Pack

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Stay active and relieve mild join pain with Collagenix Joints 5000mg.

- Support collagen formation
- Reduce mild joint pain in active individuals
- Support joint health

Collagen is a major component of joint cartilage which acts as a cushion between bones and keeps joints healthy.

Collagenix Joints 5000mg is a high strength collagen powder with added vitamin C, which helps decrease symptoms of mild joint pain in active individuals and supports healthy joint cartilage production. Simply add to water for a refreshing and hydrating citrus flavoured drink.

FORTIGEL® The Joint Health Revolution
Collagenix Joints 5000mg contains FORTIGEL® an innovative collagen protein and vitamin C that together help maintain collagen formation, support healthy cartilage growth and relieve mild joint pain in active individuals.