Premium Washable Waterproof Absorbent Bed Protector 132x86cm with 61cm Tucks - Twin-Pack


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ConfidenceClub offers a range of premium quality waterproof washable absorption protectors. These protectors are designed using an advanced 4 layered design, offering maximum absorbency and comfort by quickly absorbing moisture away from your skin so you remain comfortable while your furniture remains dry.




132cm x 86cm
(Single Bed Width)
with 61cm Tucks



Sheet and Mattress Protector Designed For A Comfortable Dry Night's Sleep

The ConfidenceClub Washable Bed Protector is comfortable to sleep on, either beneath or on top of a fitted sheet. The top layer is made from a quilted fabric soft to the touch. The next 2 layers provide high density absorption to lock moisture away from the skin. The bottom layer consists of a waterproof, leak-prevention barrier that keeps liquid away from the furniture at all times, preventing staining and odour.

Convenient Twin Pack:

This is a double-pack containing 2 identical large coverage absorbent protectors. This provides the best flexibility for home or travel use. At home you can have one on the bed while the other one is in the wash, allowing you to keep swapping them as needed. These protectors fold tightly so for travel use you can take one with you, and still leave one on the bed at home for when you return.

Smart Sizing:

Each protector has an absorption pad that measures 132cm long by 86cm wide, the width of a single bed mattress. Extending from the sides are non-absorbent tucks to fold under the mattress and further hold the protector in place. At approximately only 3mm thick you feel added comfort without any bulk. This protector is not only suitable for single-beds, it has been carefully designed to suit the full range of bed sizes with appropriate positioning as illustrated below:

bed size configurations

This illustration shows how the absorption pad (dark green) should be placed on single, double, queen and king size beds and how to position the tucks (light green). In the configurations that use both protectors on the mattress the tucks need to be folded under the protector.

Features and Benefits:

machine washable Machine washable up to 300 times
highly absorbent Quickly absorbs up to 3000mL of liquid
crinkle free Crinkle-free soft durable material
OEKO-TEX Certified This product is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified as completely safe for human use. To achieve this certification this product has been confirmed to be free of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health


  • Packed in a bag of 2 pieces