Sticky Balsamic Apple


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Sticky Balsamic Apple is the perfect gluten free, dairy free partner for salads, white meat (pork and turkey), fruit and desserts. Simply drizzle a little of this apple balsamic vinegar as a finishing vinegar over the salad or plate of food to tie it together beautifully. Salads - use Sticky Balsamic Apple as a dressing on its own or with a little olive oil. Pork & Turkey - marinate the meat in this amazing Apple Balsamic prior to cooking, or drizzle a little of this delicious sauce over the meat after cooking. Fruit - dip pieces of fruit into this tasty apple balsamic glaze for a taste sensation. Desserts - drizzle some of this incredibly tasty Apple balsamic reduction over dessert to give it the extra flavour you are looking for. Sticky Balsamic Apple is the perfect way to compliment your foods in an easy and quick way!