Raw Honey Trio [Value Pack]

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Love raw honey? Try our full range of 100% Tasmanian honey, with our Raw Honey Trio. All three Honey varieties are sustainably and ethically sourced from the remote and pristine wilderness of Flinders Island, Tasmania.

Australian Made  OwnedNo Artificial NastiesCruelty-Free and No Animal Testing

It includes the following:

  •     1 x Manuka Honey 250g (RRP $24.95) 
  •     1 x Kunzea Honey 250g  (RRP $19.95)
  •     1 x Island Blend Honey 250g (RRP $14.95)

Product Descriptions

Manuka Honey (250g)

Flinders Island Manuka Honey is ethically harvested from hives scattered throughout the island in the untouched Manuka bush. This bioactive, organic honey is cherished for its healing properties. You will love its strong, rich flavour profile. 

100% raw, cold-extracted and unprocessed, this premium honey contains the natural medicinal healing properties of Manuka.

Kunzea Honey (250g)

Zea Gourmet Kunzea Honey is organically harvested from happy bees foraging in the remote and pristine wilderness of Flinders Island. A highly nutritional honey, it has a complex flavour profile and unique texture that has to be experienced. 

100% raw, cold-extracted and unprocessed, the natural goodness of raw honey has been preserved for your enjoyment. 

Island Blend Honey (250g)

Island Blend Honey is bursting with unique flavours from the untouched bush of Flinders Island, Tasmania. To create this unique native blend. bees forage nectar of kunzea, costal tea tree, manuka, blue gum and other seasonal wildflowers. 

100% raw, cold-extracted and unprocessed, this multi-floral blend is the perfect everyday honey for the whole family. 


100% Raw Tasmanian Honey

Organic and GMO-Free

Independently Tested

For Health and Wellbeing


Natural Medicinal Properties

Unfiltered and Unprocessed

...and most importantly, delicious!