Hemp Night Serum infused with Chia 30ml


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Nourish your face with Hemp Shack’s Hemp Night Serum infused with Chia Seed Oil. Our superior formulation is a fantastic boost for all skin types especially acne prone skin. Reduces the sign of aging by retaining moisture levels to minimise wrinkles and age lines.

Directions: Add 1-2 drops to your daily moisturiser or use directly on your skin as a blemish spot treatment.

Active Ingredients: 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil, 100% Pure Chia Seed Oil.

Please Note: Hemp Shack (Aust) products are not intended to detect, treat or cure any disease or illness. Although uncommon, if you do experience a reaction to any items in our product range when taken, applied to skin or used in a way not intended, consult medical advice immediately.

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