Depression Bracelet 21cm


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Black Tourmaline's protection, not even the worst energy downer can burst your bubble. Known as one of the premier crystals for protection, it helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others

Rose Quartz such a comforting Crystal for depression sufferers. Brings soothing healing energy to the heart and helps with being gentle on yourself and reduce stress.

Carnelian excellent crystal for anyone that lacks motivation and take the steps to make positive changes in their life. Gives you an energy boost.

 Lepidolite follows your true bliss, a viable happiness can be called on when the waves get too big for your ship to handle.  Replaces feelings of anger and resentment with patterns of positivity and openness.

Blue Lace Agate speak your truth. The relaxed peace of mind it establishes will promote insightful, authentic and articulate dialogue. Allow it to melt away any stress and anxiety to float away.

 Clear Quartz If your spirit needs illumination, it brings clarity to shadows within the mind. A universal healer, it links to all the chakras to provide balance and harmony.

We hope this bracelet alleviates some of the side effects and symptoms your body is going thru. We know crystals don't hold the cure, but we do hope they offer you some comfort in their vibrational aide.

Once again this bracelet is not a cure! Please follow your doctor's treatment plan.