Joint / Arthritis Pain Bracelet 21cm


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Joint / Arthritis Pain Aide

Malachite is an excellent stone to aid in physical pain. Malachite draws out pain associated with arthritis and joint pain and promotes growth and builds strength, both emotionally and physically. It aligns DNA and cellular structure, enhancing the immune system. Warning - Malachite is a  toxic stone if ingested - DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH

Rhodonite (pink stone) is a powerful physical healer! It has been known to help with arthritis, throat infections, lung problems, liver issues, skin conditions and can also provide a boost to your immune system.

We hope this bracelet alleviates some of the side effects and symptoms your body is going thru. We know crystals don't hold the cure, but we do hope they offer you some comfort in their vibrational aide.

Once again this bracelet is not a cure! Please follow your doctor's treatment plan.